Recruiting and Search

We recruit the required employees for you by means of both a covert and overt direct approach, advertisement-assisted searches and/or via a database search. We pull out all the stops in modern personnel recruitment.

Turning enthusiastic applicants into satisfied employees.

We explore all the necessary recruitment options for you, purposefully using the specific methods that will lead to success in your individual recruitment projects.

The aptitude diagnostic instruments used in the selection of personnel range from testing through to personality profile analyses and potential analyses to individual or group assessment centres – all depending on the requirements.

Our recruiting team has specific professional and industry expertise in:

  • Real Estate / Property / Facility Management / Construction / Architecture
  • Finance / Office / Sales / Human Resources
  • Legal / Tax / Accounting
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Engineering
  • Hotel / Catering

Thanks to our experience and specialisation, we are thoroughly familiar with the fields listed above and their market participants, as well as their current and on-going challenges, along with their characteristics. We can therefore respond quickly, flexibly, purposefully and sustainably to individual customer needs, even in complex recruitment tasks.